Equine physiotherapy aims to improve mobility and increase performance. Signs your horse may need physiotherapy can be found on the signs/symptoms page. 

We may use a combination of the following modalities to treat your horse:

* Massage therapy 

* Targeted stretches

* Balance and core exercises

* Pulsed electromagnetic therapy

* Therapeutic Ultrasound

* H-Wave Therapy 

* Redlight Phototherapy 

* Hot/cold packs 

* Kinesio taping techniques 

Commonly treated conditions:

* Tendon and ligament injuries

* Back soreness 

* Kissing spines

* Muscle soreness, strains and tears

* Muscle weakness, atrophy and imbalance

* Oedema 

* Nerve injuries

* Pelvic pain and misalignment

* Arthritis and joint problems

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